La palma craft experience

Crafts are much more than the sum of its parts; more than the materials involved, since they carry a piece of the history, culture and heart of the Town where they are from, aside from the artisan that made them. Without a doubt, crafts are a life experience.

That's why Artesanias Paty had been looking for a way to share the experience of craft creation with its visitors and customers. Since 2008, Artesanias Paty opened an EXPERIENCE PROGRAM unique in its kind in La Palma, that allows you to get ti know the La Palma craft creation process first handedly. Said Program, also allows our visitors to paint their own craft and take it with them to remember their visit.

How does it work?

Our visitors can make an appointment using the form below or via email to:

Make your visit, where you'll get to know more about La palma crafts. Paint your own piece, being guided if you want, by one of the expert Artisans in the area. Furthermore, Artesanias Paty will love if you leave a memory of your visit to our workshop, may it be through a written message on our wall or through painting a Remember Me Stone.


Each class has a cost of $10.00 USD per person, with discounts available for groups. The more people come with you, the less you'll pay individualy.

What you'll need

Time and desire to share a unique bond with La Palma and its Artisan history! Each event has a duration of one and a half hour maximum.

Things to keep in mind

Due to the duration of the class and the drying time for the crafts, it's recommended that the painting class is the first activity that you take in the area. This is recommended so that after you finish your class, you may follow any other activities and at the end of your trip, you pass by the workshop to pick up your piece dry and ready for transportation.

The painting class is imparted in spanish, so in case you need translation services, don't hesitate to let us know beforehand so we can provide you with it.


Estelita Perlera showing how to color a La Palma craft to a group of visitors
A little sample of the Remember Me stones that our visitors leave us in the workshop
Group of visitors showing the La Palma craft they just painted
group of young salesians show us their design in the craft painting class
Group of children enjoy themselves and learn to paint their own La Palma craft
Visitor from Isarel shows her Remember Me stone depicting the flag of her country
Visitor from Colombia shows his Remember Me stone depicting the flag from his country
Visitor leaving her message on the wall of the open room for painting classes
View of the open room used to craft painting classes

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